Companions For Domination

When it comes to escorts, many clients are looking for more than a gorgeous presence. Whilst beautiful looks will make a man feel weak at the knees, it is an escort’s personality and service skills which will get a client’s repeat business. One of the most requested services for high class Madrid escorts is domination experience. For this reason, most high end escort agencies in London will offer ladies who specialise in niche domination services. These open minded domination escorts are very much in demand by hard working, corporate clients who crave a release after a day in the office. Domination escorts know how to unleash the physical and emotional desires within a client, hence their popularity and premium rates. Furthermore, domination escorts can tailor their services to what a client requires, such as a domination role play or experience with dungeons and toys.

What makes domination so enjoyable? Control and relinquishing it to another person is very appealing to some clients. In a domination booking, a client gives away his power to a beautiful, strong woman. The domination escort will use her smart mind and sensuality to control her client mentally and physically. There is nothing more liberating than handing control to another person; as a passive physical vessel, the client feels as if all the responsibility and weight of the world is lifted from his shoulders. Others simply have a fetish to be dominated and admire a woman who can take charge. It is a very common misconception that all escort services involve sex, when in fact, many clients want an emotional release. Domination escorts understand that their clients are seeking a cathartic experience which might purge them of some pent up emotions and physical sensations. They are experts at inflicting punishment or humiliation should the client desire it.

The perfect domination companion is someone who is intelligent, experienced in being assertive and can sense the nuances in different situations. As mentioned earlier, the needs of domination clients can be complex-ranging from physical restraints to psychological control. Hence, the domination escort has to be astute in finding the right temperature, so to speak. Not all clients enjoy being verbally humiliated and some are less fond of toys than others. It is all down to finding the right intensity and manner of domination. Professional dominatrix escorts are skilled in various services such as whipping, spanking, dressing up, restraints, tease and denial and slave training. To get the best domination escort experience, clients need to find escorts who are skillful in this niche and are comfortable in taking the lead. She is naturally assertive, very intelligent and open minded. It is as far removed from a sensual Girlfriend experience as possible since domination clients are not looking for gentle intimacy. At their core, domination escorts have great insight into a man’s psychology. They know how to dress to elicit the right response from their submissive clients and are versatile enough to use different tools. With the right domination escort, a client can feel truly liberated and fulfilled.

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