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Paying For Pleasure – A Male Escort Explains


Paying For Pleasure – A Male Escort Explains


Our world has always had escorts and prostitutes. However, the most common mistake that the world usually makes is that they think that both, escorts and prostitutes, are the same. But if we go by job descriptions and what the two really do, then there is a classic difference between the two.

An escort is not simply sleeping with his clients, against what we generally believe is true. Although there as in-call services for those who wish to get down to business without waiting for something else. But most women feel that there should be a connection first.

Some women may like to take their male escorts to shop, while others may want a fancy dinner. The entire service of a male escort is centered around what the women want. Their job is hardly about sex alone, even though it is an integral part of it.

A male escort explains that his job is not only about bedroom tactics. While some may prefer it to be so, others simply want an escape. He says that most of his clients come to him to escape their daily lives and humdrum of their offices. Some would book him for a day while others would book him for several hours.

According to him, his work hours are usually between four hours and six hours, but occasionally he’d have to entertain them for more than 24 hours. He has noissues with the payment that he is offered. Apart from this, the male escort says that the entire point of being or hiring an escort is to find carefree happiness, something that is not readily available in our lives.

His clients are all high-profile, so most of his clients book him for several hours. His work, he says, is not just to offer them sex. He says most of the time, all the women he knows would simply want a date and a session of talks first.

Other than this, he says that one of his clients would tell him exactly how she wants to be treated and what she expects from him that day, and would leave the rest to him. This not only helps him to come up with a plan that helps him make his client happy but allows him to enjoy as well.

He says that he loves his job. The prime reason for that is the fact he gets to be around people and make them happy. He says, that although the world is moving ahead, certain things do not change. In his opinion, he does not mind doing what he does. But there are still people who’d point fingers at him or other escorts.

He says that being an escort is a legit job. Although it includes other paying for pleasure, it is not just about bodily pleasures. Emotions and feelings are included too.